Desmond Martinez


About Desmond

Three Desert Island Items:

Tacos, Tequila, & Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite object in my home:

The refrigerator

Currently obsessed with:

Dem’ Cowboys

Favorite Color:

The dark, deep blue in the sky right before the Texas sun rises

Greatest extravagance:

Spontaneous adventures in an unfamiliar place with new and old friends

Favorite Place:

Someplace else. Usually the further, the better

Style Icons:

Picasso, Frank Gehry, Banksy, Grace Kelly, Dieter Rams, Ross Lovegrove, Kerouac, Clooney, Sinatra

Favorite Flower:

Whichever flower will get me out of trouble with her the quickest. Yeah. A dozen of those, please

Drink of Choice:


Can't Live Without:

Creative curiosity