Director of Operations

About Alexandra

Three desert island items:

If I was left on a desert island, I would need my puppy, a houseboat (with electricity), and all you can eat Mexican food!

Favorite object in my home:

Photographs! I love seeing photos of family, friends, and travel.

Currently obsessed with:

Fostering animals from rescue shelters and watching videos of Lap Elephants. If you have never heard of Lap Elephants... I highly suggest looking them up!

Favorite Color:

Sunburst Yellow

Greatest extravagance:

Purchasing my first Louis Vuitton bag

Favorite place:

My favorite place is wherever my family is!

Style icons:

Grace Kelly, Twiggy, Olivia Palermo, and Carrie Underwood

Favorite flower:

I love peonies! They are so beautiful, colorful, messy, and full all at the same time. Peonies are a very dramatic flower and only appear for a short amount of time each year.

Drink of choice:

Water, Tequila, water...

Can’t live without:

Beautiful handcrafted handbags