Shopping in Switzerland

Posted By:Michelle Nussbaumer @ 11:53:AM Feb 25, 2011

I'm gearing up for my photo shoot here at the chalet and going from village to village in search of last minute accessories to pepper in (more is more, after all). I have my fabulous right hand man, Abe, and my teacup poodle, Pasha by my side and the three of us are having a grand old time arranging flowers and pausing for gluwein breaks. Yo de lay hee hoo! Viva la Suisse! Ps - that is our cool car my brother in law loaned us!

250466287690813.jpg unnamed-26.jpg unnamed-25.jpg unnamed-32.jpg 878378553927980.jpg 662119459076599.jpg unnamed-18.jpg unnamed-8.jpg 264025584015826.jpg unnamed-27.jpg unnamed-31.jpg unnamed-34.jpg 097115037224436.jpg unnamed-30.jpg 017265613463059.jpg


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