Old Mexico

Posted By:Michelle Nussbaumer @ 05:05:PM Jun 19, 2011

Just got back from Mexico! Love spending time down there working on projects and relaxing with my husband. As soon as I arrive and settle in, I always say hi to all the animals and take in a spiced ginger margarita. Feels like heaven! 

Below is a suit of lights; I began collecting them a few years ago and am obsessed. Next is our sweet parrot, Don Julio, and the labricanas (Mexican rescue labs) and some shots from around the garden. I love these hand-made prayer candles; they go perfectly in the chapel I'm renovating (pictured below). Finally, this is a cool ceiling at a local boutique hotel called Matilda which features tons of great contemporary art as well as a Diego Rivera. 

Glad to be home, but missing Old Mexico.

photo 8.JPG photo 9.JPG photo 6.JPG photo 7.JPG 397632454646796.jpg 856082315555617.jpg 238048512077422.jpg 881944669646978.jpg photo 5.jpg IMG02177-20110219-1925.jpg


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